#AskDSLayer Episode 3

In this episode, David Taylor gives us plenty of fodder to talk about our best BI implementation experiences, our worst, what events in the world we like the best for BI, and what’s the best 3rd party add-on for SAP BI.

#AskDSLayer Episode 2

Well that is weird.  There are more questions.  Let’s make something up.  This week, the gang talks about where our world is going given the announcement of SAP Lumira on Premise with SAP HANA, “Is a Story Board a Dashboard?”, and our top 11 (yes, specifically) likes about SAP Analytics.

Questions we ran up against on this episode:

AskDSLayer Episode 1

In this first installment, we tackle a few #AskDSLayer questions up front around how well SAP BusinessObjects stacks up against its competition, where Crystal Reports Enterprise is heading, and more.  Today, we tackle the following:

Don’t miss a chance for a possibly vague or indefinite answer.  #AskDSLayer.