The Regulars

Greg Myers

Greg Myers Greg has worked in the BI Industry for the past fourteen years, specializing in SAP BusinessObjects tools for ten years. Greg is focused on the operational side of BI, working with BI architecture, performance, and administration, and is a SAP BusinessObjects Certified Professional. Greg is an SAP Mentor and an active volunteer with America’s SAP User Group (ASUG). Greg has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Information Systems, and a Master of Business Administration. Greg currently lives and works in the suburban Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania where he specializes in SAP BusinessObjects on UNIX in large distributed global deployments. Greg and Eric also recently authored and published “SAP BusinessObjects System Administration“; the first official Admin book for the BI4 platform from SAP Press.

Jamie Oswald

joswald_headshot Jamie Oswald started working in business intelligence over 10 years ago and hasn’t been able to break away since. Jamie specializes in information delivery to end users because he doesn’t really understand “that geeky server-nerd or deep admin magic stuff.” Largely due to a lack of oversight in the selection process Jamie has been chosen as an SAP Mentor and ASUG BusinessObjects Ambassador. When not working at whatever company is on top of his LinkedIn profile or for this here Diversified Semantic Layer podcast (available on iTunes!), Jamie spends his time adoring his wife, alternately being amazed and flummoxed by his children, and torturing himself as a fan of Cleveland sports.
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Eric Vallo

eric_headshot Eric Vallo has been working in business intelligence for almost 15 years. Eric is an SAP Mentor 2011, co-host of the Diversified Semantic Layer Podcast Network, and is managing partner and co-founder of EV Technologies, Inc., an SAP Gold Partner based in the US and Australia.
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Our World News Correspondents

Joshua Fletcher

teched_portrait_medium Joshua Fletcher has worked with Business Intelligence applications for over eleven years, focusing on both the SAP BusinessObjects toolset at a deep technical level, as well as broader BI solutions from a strategy and roadmap perspective.  He started with Crystal Reports v8 at the beginning of his career, and is now fully certified in SAP BusinessObjects.  He also has extensive experience in business analysis, data governance, business intelligence strategy and solution architecture, as well as a passion for data warehouse and ETL design and development.
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Dallas Marks

Dallas Marks Dallas Marks has devoted the last decade of his career working to business analytics and business intelligence as a consultant, trainer, blogger and author. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and has implemented SAP BusinessObjects solutions in a number of industries, including energy, healthcare, and manufacturing. Dallas prefers piano keyboards to computer keyboards and lives near Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and three children. Dallas is a co-author of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, 2nd edition from SAP Press and blogs about various business intelligence topics at and is a regular contributor over at
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Clint Vosloo


Clint Vosloo Clint Vosloo, Founder and Director of BI in the Box, is Africa’s first ever SAP Mentor. Having been in the DWH/BI space since 1997, Clint has a wealth of knowledge & experience using SAP Sybase IQ and Business Objects. His love for BIG data and his passion for bringing the “intelligence” part of BI to the fore-front, is evident in his ability to assist businesses to make better decisions by designing the correct solutions up front. In my spare time, between the hours of 2-6am, I like to do any-thing linked to the Ocean. Surfing, Stand-up-Paddle boarding, kiting … you name it.  As per nobel peace prize winner Derek Zoolander and his quest for the perfect bone structure and chiselled abs I, like Josh, try and train at the local CrossFit gym as often as I can. Father of 3, husband of 1 (the tribal thing of many wives is not that big in this part of Africa) here for a good time and not necessarily a long time ! Life long dream has been and always will be to grow old… or older living on a beach surfing with my kids !
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