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This week I had the opportunity to attend some of the Mastering SAP Technologies 2013 sessions, held in Melbourne Australia, as well as the accompanying SAP Inside Track.

You can find some great coverage of the SITMEL and SAP Tech conference by Custodio de Oliveira here and bySimon Kemp here.

As part of the conference, the keynote was presented by Irfan Khan, who is the Head of Solution Management for Database and Data Warehousing as well as the Chief Technology Officer for the SAP Database & Technologies pillar.

Irfan’s keynote focused on ‘What Is Driving Technology at SAP?’, and ranged from discussion on programming for cache misses at the hardware level 20 years ago, to alleles and genome sequencing with HANA.

Later that day, Irfan gave me some of his time to sit down for an interview about his keynote and the Real-Time Data Platform (RTDP), which you can watch below.

Here are the key points in the video:

01:15   Key messages in Mastering SAP Technologies 2013 keynote

01:55   Overview of the RTDP

03:35   Timeframe to implement the RTDP

05:30   Foundational technologies underlying the RTDP

08:10   Common unified management and governance tool for RTDP

09:10   Implications for new application development with the RTDP

11:15   Implications of the RTDP for BI and DW professionals

Author: Josh Fletcher

Joshua Fletcher has worked with Business Intelligence applications for over eleven years, focusing on both the SAP BusinessObjects toolset at a deep technical level, as well as broader BI solutions from a strategy and roadmap perspective. He started with Crystal Reports v8 at the beginning of his career, and is now fully certified in SAP BusinessObjects. He also has extensive experience in business analysis, data governance, business intelligence strategy and solution architecture, as well as a passion for data warehouse and ETL design and development.

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