Jamie Oswald’s Reaction to Steve Lucas Keynote at ASUG SABOUC 2014

Jamie Oswald gave his reaction immediately following Steve Lucas‘ keynote at the ASUG SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects User Conference in Fort Worth, Texas last month.

Already off-brand in my second sentence. Steve, beyond bringing charisma, did a great job expressing the pain of what SAP BusinessObjects and/or SAP Analytics customers are going through at their businesses. A first step we should all be looking at is to get on the most recent major version of the platform, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence  4.1. This allows customers to take advantage of the innovation that is there and prepares them to receive more frequent updates of that some innovation going forward.

Here’s Steve’s Keynote.

And click here to get Dallas Marks’ preaction to the keynote.

Author: Jamie Oswald

Jamie Oswald started working in business intelligence over 10 years ago and hasn’t been able to break away since. Jamie specializes in information delivery to end users because he doesn't really understand "that geeky server-nerd or deep admin magic stuff." Largely due to a lack of oversight in the selection process Jamie has been chosen as an SAP Mentor and ASUG BusinessObjects Ambassador. When not working at whatever company is on top of his LinkedIn profile or for this here Diversified Semantic Layer podcast (available on iTunes!), Jamie spends his time adoring his wife, alternately being amazed and flummoxed by his children, and torturing himself as a fan of Cleveland sports.

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