If you’re like us, you are going to want to make sure all of our juicy new content gets delivered right to your RSS Consumer of choice (we like Google Reader, but to each his or her own) or your iTunes (for more mobile consumption).  The good news is, on our new WordPress platform, you’ve got choices.

First, to get a full RSS or subscribe via iTunes, subscribe here.

To keep up with just our regular old Diversified Semantic Layer feed (or subscribe to just the podcast on iTunes).

To keep meeting the voices of our community (and you should) grab our Unstructured Geek Analytics feed (or just subscribe in iTunes).

Want to get visual?  The Visual Layer is our video library of how to, round-table discussions on SAP BusinessObjects (or just subscribe in iTunes).

If you are too lazy busy for three feeds, simply subscribe to our combined RSS.

We do also offer a free “online stalker” option as well, where you can just sit on this website 24/7 and hitting F5 until something new pops up. This option is only for the independently wealthy, disturbingly creepy amongst us, though.


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