BI4 – Looking at the Semantic Layer

In celebration of the Virtual Launch of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 (BI4) today, the Diversified Semantic Layer crew is releasing our most recent episode, recorded with Michael Welter.

In this episode, we give the new common semantic layer and Information Design Tool a good shake down.

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Steve Lucas

Jamie Oswald had an opportunity to sit down in a room with a small group for an interview with Steve Lucas of SAP. We can always count on Jamie to ask the great questions. Listen in and follow the show notes from Jamie:

00:00 – Realistically, what can we put in the cloud?
6:42 – Will SAP have to change their base code in order truly innovate? Also, Deski needs to die.
10:38 – Steven Johannes (of CRM Tiger fame) asks how to speed adoption of innovation, and lobs Steve Lucas a meatball that allows him to talk about HANA.
15:00 – Should we move our business processes into our business intelligence? Note: This is where Steve’s eyes REALLY start to light up.
18:58 – A Like button in BI 4.1? You heard it on DSLayer first!

Much thanks to Steve and event team from SAP who were a dream to work with, and of course, check out my Snap Judgment from the day of the event.

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Chip Rodgers

We are super excited to have Chip Rodgers of the SAP Community Network participating in this weeks Unstructured Geek Analytics segement on the Diversified Semantic Layer podcast (seriously…we did not think these long names through).

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BI4 – Looking at the Architecture

We had a great group to chat with today with Jamie Oswald and Greg Myers, with special guests Jay Riddle and Joshua Fletcher. Today, we spent a good chunk of time talking about BI4 as a platform (our fav).

In the news:

  • ASUG Annual Conference presentation topics are going out
  • is live

Show Notes:

  • BI4 Learning Materials are already online
  • Be sure to register for the BI4 Virtual Launch event
  • BI4 has audit events for Xcelsius confirmed!
  • Sorry for the heavy breather (Greg…OK probably Eric)
  • Also sorry for the audio overlays. We are having technical difficulties at some point where we really aren’t talking over each other.

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Brian Durning

In a new segment, lovingly called Unstructured Geek Analytics (hashtag pending), Jamie Oswald interviews Brian Durning.

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BOBJ Reporting Tool Shootout

– SAP BusinessObjects Annual Conference Announced
– Intent to submit for SAP ASUG annual conference in May
– Reportapalooza is wrapping up

The shootout:

1) Major tools in the stack: Crystal, Webi, Explorer, and Xcelsius.
2) The right cases for each.
3) The wrong cases for each.
4) Something about audience perhaps vs. who should own it?

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