SAP Analytics in APJ with Sam Wong

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Clint sat down on the top of the world in Bangkok with Sam Wong from SAP to discuss the SAP Analytics market in APJ.

Links from the podcast:

Author: Clint Vosloo

Clint Vosloo, Founder and Director of BI in the Box, is Africa’s first ever SAP Mentor. Having been in the DWH/BI space since 1997, Clint has a wealth of knowledge & experience using SAP Sybase IQ and Business Objects. His love for BIG data and his passion for bringing the “intelligence” part of BI to the fore-front, is evident in his ability to assist businesses to make better decisions by designing the correct solutions up front. In my spare time, between the hours of 2-6am, I like to do any-thing linked to the Ocean. Surfing, Stand-up-Paddle boarding, kiting ... you name it. As per nobel peace prize winner Derek Zoolander and his quest for the perfect bone structure and chiselled abs I, like Josh, try and train at the local CrossFit gym as often as I can. Father of 3, husband of 1 (the tribal thing of many wives is not that big in this part of Africa) here for a good time and not necessarily a long time ! Life long dream has been and always will be to grow old... or older living on a beach surfing with my kids !

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