SAP Insider BI2013 Singapore Recap

Belatedly we wrap up the SAP Insider BI2013 conference that was held in Singapore earlier in September 2013.

BI2013 Singapore Social Media Lounge

Joining Josh Fletcher and Clint Vosloo are two guests, Timo Elliott from SAP France and Lestor Meadows from Kimberly-Clark, who both spoke at the conference alongside us.

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Author: Josh Fletcher

Joshua Fletcher has worked with Business Intelligence applications for over eleven years, focusing on both the SAP BusinessObjects toolset at a deep technical level, as well as broader BI solutions from a strategy and roadmap perspective. He started with Crystal Reports v8 at the beginning of his career, and is now fully certified in SAP BusinessObjects. He also has extensive experience in business analysis, data governance, business intelligence strategy and solution architecture, as well as a passion for data warehouse and ETL design and development.

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