A Bend in the SAP Data Discovery Roadmap

Blair Wheadon joins Clint and Jamie to dive in on an “it might take two commutes to listen to it” episode all about the big Statement of Direction on the future of SAP Analytics.


#askSAP Community Call with Greg Myers: SAP BusinessObjects BI Strategy and Roadmap

Last September, I moderated an #askSAP Community Call on the SAP BusinessObjects BI Strategy and Roadmap. Nick Smith published a recap today on the SAP Analytics blog. Listen to the original recording as Steve Lucas, Jayne Landry, Ty Miller, and Blair Wheadon discuss the future of SAP business intelligence.

You can read my thoughts about the call on the EV Technologies blog in an article entitled The Times They Are a Changin’.

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Jayne Landry, Saskia Battersby and Blair Wheadon

Late in October, Josh Fletcher was in Melbourne, Australia to host a Q&A panel of various SAP customers and employees.  Joining the panel were three SAP BusinessObjects employees from Canada, namely Jayne Landry (@jaynelandry), Saskia Battersby (@saskia_sap) and Blair Wheadon (@blairtwheadon).  Even though they were all terribly jet-lagged, especially Saskia, Josh prevailed upon their love of the BOBJ community to record a brief episode of Unstructured Geek Analytics.

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Play it now: