Sapphire 2016 – Jayne Landry and the new BusinessObjects naming convergence

Jamie and Clint got to spend some time with Jayne within her jam packed schedule at Sapphire 2016 in Orlando.

They got to speak about the latest convergence of all the SAP Analytics tools under the SAP BusinessObjects banner as well as other new and exciting news.

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#AskDSLayer Episode 3

In this episode, David Taylor gives us plenty of fodder to talk about our best BI implementation experiences, our worst, what events in the world we like the best for BI, and what’s the best 3rd party add-on for SAP BI.

TechEd Interview – Nic Smith and Josh Fletcher

Whilst at SAP TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas, Nic Smith from the SAP Analytics team grabbed Josh Fletcher for a quick interview.

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Live at SAP TechEd 2013

Jamie, Josh, Clint, Derek, Eric and some random SAP guy had a chance to sit down and talk about our initial impressions of the keynote.  We didn’t really seize the opportunity to get together to podcast more here, but have a show on BI roadmap on deck soon.

Note: This show is only available in audio format.

Another note: We are going to do our best to get off the conference circuit shows and get back to nerdy stuff next.

ASUG SBOUC 2013 Wrap Up

The 2013 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC) comes to a close.  We will keep it brief (haha).

Deski All-stars

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Live from SAPPHIRE on BI4

While at SAPPHIRE we had a great opportunity to sit down with Kurt Bilafer and Alex Andrenacci, who are both in town from Singapore, to sit down and discuss the BI4 roadmap in general and how it is going in APJ.

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Alex Andrenacci
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