The Future of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Diversified Semantic Layer host Eric Vallo catches up with Explorer enthusiast (and DSL panelist) Dallas Marks and two Explorer customers, Jamie Oswald and Dave Rathbun. While glimpses of Explorer functionality are showing up in SAP Design Studio, SAP Lumira, and even SAP BusinessObjects Cloud, it doesn’t yet have a complete replacement or a migration path.

Join us for a candid conversation about the past, present, and future of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.


Universe Design Hacks

Dave Rathbun and Derek Loranca join us again to talk about ways we like to use and abuse universes. Dave shared a few helpful blogs he wrote that talk about some of the topics shared here. We’ll follow them up with more podcasts soon.

Time Sliced Measures Part 1 – Defining the Problem

Time Sliced Measures Part 2 – Time Slice Calendar Table

Time Sliced Measures Part 3 – Making Measures

SQL Aggregate vs. Universe Projection

Live from BI2012

Jamie Oswald and Eric Vallo are at SAP Insider BI2012 this week.  We honored to have been joined by Dallas MarksDave Rathbun, and Michael Welter.  While we did our best to stay on track to talk about BI2012, we couldn’t help but drift into the pervasive themes of the conference.  Oh, and we name drop everybody we could think of without shame.  Enjoy.

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Genesis of BOB

We had a great time at the 2011 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC) this year.  We got a little excited and gathered a HUGE cast to join us to talk about the history of the BusinessObjects Board (aka BOB) and the impact that it has on the community at large today. Join Jamie OswaldGreg MyersEric ValloDave Rathbun, Susan Collins, Amy Miller, Michael Welter, and Steve Krandell as we talk about where BOB got its start and how it has evolved over time.

Don’t miss BOB’s new twitter handle.

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