Universe Design Hacks

Dave Rathbun and Derek Loranca join us again to talk about ways we like to use and abuse universes. Dave shared a few helpful blogs he wrote that talk about some of the topics shared here. We’ll follow them up with more podcasts soon.

Time Sliced Measures Part 1 – Defining the Problem

Time Sliced Measures Part 2 – Time Slice Calendar Table

Time Sliced Measures Part 3 – Making Measures

SQL Aggregate vs. Universe Projection

Live at SAP TechEd 2013

Jamie, Josh, Clint, Derek, Eric and some random SAP guy had a chance to sit down and talk about our initial impressions of the keynote.  We didn’t really seize the opportunity to get together to podcast more here, but have a show on BI roadmap on deck soon.

Note: This show is only available in audio format.

Another note: We are going to do our best to get off the conference circuit shows and get back to nerdy stuff next.

SBOUC and SAP TechEd

There is a lot of debate on the question of putting SBOUC in the same venue as SAP TechEd in the US.  It’s a conversation that weighs heavy on many.  SAP Mentor Derek Deloranca joins regulars Eric Vallo, Greg Myers, Jamie Oswald and Dallas Marks. We do our best here to tackle the tough topic and constructively think through ways we can make it work.

Before we get to the goods, we’d love you to listen in and then vote here.  The more the merrier.

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Derek Loranca

Eric Vallo continues the series in which we are chatting with the SAP Mentor community team members that focus on SAP BusinessObjects, with Derek Loranca.

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Live from SAP TechEd

SAP TechEd is in full swing.  Jamie OswaldGreg MyersEric ValloDerek Loranca, and Thorsten Franz take a few minutes to hang out in the networking lounge 5 area to kick around what’s happening.

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