Information Governance

Clint Vosloo and Josh Fletcher got up early this weekend to spend some time talking about Information Governance, and the technologies available from SAP to help in managing your information better.

ETL – The Next Deski?

Some people are not going to like this show.  We accept that risk!  While primarily centered around the world of SAP HANA and how it fundamentally changes the way we think of data movement, the group talks about the current and future evolution of ETL in our industry.

SAP Information Steward Episode 1 – Interview with Product Manager Michael Briles

Welcome to a new series that we will be running, all about SAP Information Steward.

Our video series will focus on understanding the various components of Information Steward in detail.

To kick us off, we interviewed Michael Briles, the SAP Product Manager for SAP Information Steward.

Here are the key questions we asked Michael:

00:40 Introducing Michael Briles

01:48 Business opportunities & key capabilities in Information Steward

11:34 Which industries are seeing high value with Information Steward?

13:42 Do you need SAP or BusinessObjects to use Information Steward?

15:34 What further user enablement is planned by SAP for Information Steward? (hint- attend SAP TechEd if you can!)

17:50 Self-guided demo of Information Steward 4.2

18:32 What is next for the SAP Information Steward product? (Safe harbour statement applies)

22:20 Josh’s laptop bluescreens but we recover successfully!

As a bonus, check out Ina Felsheim‘s recent blog on giving product feedback to the Enterprise Information Management product team – definitely worth checking out.

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All about EIM4

Jamie OswaldGreg MyersJosh Flecher, and Eric Vallo got together with Ina Felsheim and Werner Daehn (of no clear, social media connection) to talk about, for the very first time on our show….EIM.  It’s a good chat to help our classic BOBJ audience get more info on Data Services and the other EIM components that make EIM4 a strong platform.

Update: There is some weirdness at the 43:30-ish mark from an old podcast.  No idea there.  It only lasts for a second.  Hopefully Werner didn’t have anything important to add in there.

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