SAP Business Warehouse for the BusinessObjects Community Episode 2

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the next episode in our Diversified Semantic Layer podcast series about Business Warehouse for the BusinessObjects community.  Once again I’m joined by Ethan Jewett, a fellow SAP Mentor from Wisconsin.

In this episode, we have connected Data Services 4.0 with Business Warehouse 7.03 using an RFC call, and load sales data into a Persistent Staging Area (PSA) using Data Services jobs.  We also create InfoObjects for the relevant characteristics and key figures in our sales data, which we then load into a DataStore Object (DSO).  Along the way, we (Ethan most of the time) discuss where BW has good and not-so-good features.

Our next episode will cover creating a Bex query on our DSO, connecting the BusinessObjects tools to the Bex query, and then starting to load in our second disparate data source, to begin the process of building an Enterprise Data Warehouse.

We hope you enjoy watching.

Joshua Fletcher

SAP Business Warehouse for the BusinessObjects Community Episode 1

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another Diversified Semantic Layer podcast series.

I’m excited to be joined by Ethan Jewett, a fellow SAP Mentor from Wisconsin.  This podcast series focuses on explaining SAP Business Warehouse for the classic BusinessObjects community, and aims to show by example how Business Warehouse can be utilised as an Enterprise Data Warehouse, even without a dependent SAP ERP system.

Over several podcast episodes, Ethan and myself will build a BW system with two separate data sources, and begin building the foundations for an Enterprise Data Warehouse.  We will leverage BusinessObjects technologies such as Data Services, and the BusinessObjects Enterprise platform, to show how the BW and BusinessObjects can work together.  Lastly, we will discuss how BW has specific functionality which can add many benefits to data warehouse projects.

We hope you enjoy the series, and please feel free to comment and ask questions which we can incorporate into the series.

Joshua Fletcher

Below are the links that Ethan references in the podcast:

Why Should I Care About SAP BW?

SAP BusinessObjects customers spend a career focused on relational sources.  It is what they know. We talk to fellow SAP Mentors John Appleby and Ethan Jewett about where SAP BW could fit into the family.  And, with Steve Lucas FTW!

Steve joins us at the 9:30-ish mark, so stick with us.

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