Universe Design Hacks

Dave Rathbun and Derek Loranca join us again to talk about ways we like to use and abuse universes. Dave shared a few helpful blogs he wrote that talk about some of the topics shared here. We’ll follow them up with more podcasts soon.

Time Sliced Measures Part 1 – Defining the Problem

Time Sliced Measures Part 2 – Time Slice Calendar Table

Time Sliced Measures Part 3 – Making Measures

SQL Aggregate vs. Universe Projection

Information Design Tool Data Profiling Revisited

As a follow on to the last video on data profiling, Eric demonstrates a command line argument for the IDT that improves data profiling capabilities.

The exact argument to enable this capability in the IDT:

-debug idt.options

Results may vary, use at your own risk 🙂

SAP BusinessObjects BI4 End-to-end Demo Part 1

In this video Josh Fletcher walks through part 1 of a BI4 end-to-end demo that he recently presented at the Mastering Business Intelligence with SAP South Africa conference. He shows how to create a simple universe in the Information Design Tool, a simple Web Intelligence report, and finishes up with a simple Crystal Report.