2010 SBOUC – DSLayer Pre-show

The gang recaps our plans for this year’s conference in Orlando in this brief podcast.

The show notes:

– DSLayer team presentations
– Hot topics this year
– The tweetstream is at #SBOUC
– Jamie and Greg’s love story
– Where you’ll find the DSLayer (not always at the bar)
– Conferences of yester-year
– The future of the conferences
– Conference 101 for rookies

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Ooooorrrr…listen in right here: The 2010 SBOUC – DSLayer Pre-show.

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Mobile BI

This week, Jamie OswaldGreg Myers, and I are joined by Jeff Duly of Dow Corning, to discuss the current landscape of mobile technologies that play with SAP BusinessObjects.

Show Notes:

  • In the news: Call for Abstracts for ASUG Annual Conference, and HANA is now available
  • Mobile Influence Counci launched with Jeff at the helm
  • It’s unanimous…we all have iPhones and iPads (we didn’t plan that)
  • Dancing around the mobile platforms

If you didn’t catch them, check out the mobile solutions from AntiviaRoambi, and SAP.

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You Can’t Pick Your Friends OS

The latest podcast, “You can pick your friends, you can pick your OS, but you can’t pick your friends OS”, is up. While we are busy dodging lawsuits for defamation from our comments, you should go download and listen in.

The show notes:

  • Jamie confesses his lack of authority on the topics we discuss (and disdain of Deski)
  • Reportapalooza in flight, User Conference on the Horizon, and new BOBJ deployment options on deck
  • The DSLayer Conference Party is on Greg
  • BOBJ on Windows
  • A good point, InfoView on Tomcat + Linux really does rock
  • We ask, who is the best admin, Windows vs. *nix?
  • Windows needs a lot of lot of reboots
  • Do memory limits hurt Windows?
  • What is more cost effective?
  • We love you, admins
  • Future cool server stuff in the pipeline coming from SAP

An update from Greg…the proof is in the pudding…a BOBJ server that has been up for 3.5 years:

gmyers# uptime
11:23am up 1304 day(s), 3:04, 2 users, load average: 1.38, 1.36, 1.41

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SAPTechEd Wrap Up

Our SAPTechEd wrap up is live with Jamie Oswald, Greg Myers, and special guest, Tammy Powlas.

Briefly, a few notes:

Survey for interest for the 2011 ASUG Annual Conference is up at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LYHTLDX
The virtual sessions for SAPTechEd are up and available at http://virtualsapteched.com
Feel free to direct download the podcast at http://podcast.evtechpartners.com/files/2010-11-02_SAPTechEd_Wrap_Up.mp3.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Deski

Episode 1 – The Good, the Bad, and the Deski

The Diversified Semantic Layer team is introduced (sorry we missed you Chris). This is our first swag at a podcast, so be gentle. It’s really one of those things where on listening again, you realize all the things you totally forgot to say.

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Big plug for the Reportapalooza event (I dare you to say that five times really fast). Don’t miss out on all the cool events coming up as we try and stump the experts.

The topics for today’s podcast:

  • XI 4 Beta really doesn’t have Desktop Intelligence
  • Big reasons people are still using Desktop Intelligence
  • Reasons why Crystal Reports isn’t really a good transition for super users
  • Web Intelligence…what is missing/what do we expect next?


We mentioned bursting and Web Intelligence. Yes, we can absolutely burst Web Intelligence today with both Publications and the “Schedule For” option via the CMC. We just didn’t get back to it.

We mentioned a prior blog article on scheduling replacement code for all those VBA macros on the EV Technologies blog.

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