The Future of SAP BI

In anticipation of the upcoming Future of Business Intelligence at SAP next week with Ty Miller, is going to spill the beans on planned innovations to SAP BusinessObjects (and more).  This week, Jamie, Greg, Eric, Dallas, Josh, and Clint pair up in a first ever (we think) episode to hypothesize and dream about what it will all mean.  First, we are going to tackle the roadmap slides so graciously posted a few weeks ago.

Also, we take on our very first #AskDSLayer question from twitter.  There were more, and we’ll tackle them in another episode.

It’s a long one, so grab a drink, a snack, and use the bathroom before you sit down.

SBOUC Dev Wars 2013

Jamie Oswald and Greg Myers took a few minutes to discuss the upcoming Developer Wars competition at the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference. Joined by ASUG’s Kimberly Haschalk and GABO Cigar‘s Gabe Orthous, the conversation went from what happened last year to why you should sign up this year (here’s the link).

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SAP Mobile BI Update

We have talked about mobile on more than one occasion, but it is time for an update.  In this episode, we talk about SAP BI Mobile 5, what we would like to see in mobile, and what the competition is up to.

*Note: The Deski support comment was a joke.  Really.

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Jamie Oswald
Greg Myers
Dallas Marks
Eric Vallo Eric Vallo

Network of Truthi-ness

This Network of Truth topic is picking up steam with the push behind SAP Lumira.  We decide, instead of giving it runway, to turn it into a Hodgepodge of Truth.  You will hear what we mean.

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Jamie Oswald
Greg Myers
Eric Vallo Eric Vallo

Predictive Analysis in New Zealand

At the end of May 2013 I was in New Zealand delivering some BusinessObjects training for SAP.  As luck would have it, the New Zealand SAP Business Intelligence User Group was meeting the morning of my layover through Auckland – very timely!  Fellow Mentor Corey Adams let me know and I was able to deliver a presentation on Predictive Analysis.  I showed several walk-through videos during my presentation, and was asked to post them up on-line.

Even though it is 2 months on, here is a summary of my presentation and the walkthrough demonstrations of Predictive Analysis for your viewing pleasure.

As mentioned in the video, here are the Useful Links:

Example Deployment of an SAP Analytic Bundle Episode 2

I recently blogged and shared a video walkthrough of deploying an SAP Analytic Content Bundle, covering the Insurance vertical. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can take a look here. In that video, I promised to record a second episode which covered the Telco Analytic Content, which was more in-depth and based on an SAP PowerDesigner model.

Well, here for your viewing pleasure, is Episode 2 – Telco & Utilities Analytic Content.

The steps I undertook before the video were:

  • Install a trial of PowerDesigner (available here)
  • Install a trial Sybase IQ (available here)
  • Download the Telco Analytic Content (available here)

As a reminder, these Analytic Content bundles are pre-built industry content are free, and provide an excellent starting platform as a data warehouse.  Let me know what you think of the Analytic Content bundles in the comments, and any feedback on the video.