Team Building

The role of the BI team in organizations continues to evolve.   Join us as we speak with Jon Reed and Wes Carberry in a good chat about how these team’s roles are changing and continue the conversation in the comments or via #AskDSLayer on twitter.

The Future of SAP BI

In anticipation of the upcoming Future of Business Intelligence at SAP next week with Ty Miller, is going to spill the beans on planned innovations to SAP BusinessObjects (and more).  This week, Jamie, Greg, Eric, Dallas, Josh, and Clint pair up in a first ever (we think) episode to hypothesize and dream about what it will all mean.  First, we are going to tackle the roadmap slides so graciously posted a few weeks ago.

Also, we take on our very first #AskDSLayer question from twitter.  There were more, and we’ll tackle them in another episode.

It’s a long one, so grab a drink, a snack, and use the bathroom before you sit down.

Using Dynamic DNS with HANA Development Edition

I’ve used Dynamic DNS with my Windows instances on Amazon EC2 for a while.

With the introduction of the HANA Development Edition, I was keen to also be able to use one common DNS name for any IP of my HANA instance on startup. Especially when creating demo clustered environments of 2-3 EC2 instances (HANA, BusinessObjects BI4, and Data Services), if all the instances can talk to each other straight away on startup (and your client tools on your laptop as well), it cuts down config time whether you presenting to a customer or wanting to start developing straight away.

Some of you may use Elastic IPs, I have found these to be a little tedious in creation and application, and apparently you are also charged for them when your instances aren’t running (which is most of the time for most devs). The solution presented in the video is an alternative to this approach. Please also note that this solution really applies to any Linux system, not just Amazon EC2 and/or HANA.

The detail presented in the video (available in HD so you can see the command line!) below will follow. Enjoy:

Here is the complete script:

  1. #!/bin/sh  
  3. ### BEGIN INIT INFO  
  4. # Provides:       dyndns  
  5. # Required-Start: $network $remote_fs $syslog  
  6. # Required-Stop:  $null  
  7. # Default-Start:  3 4 5  
  8. # Default-Stop:   0 1 6  
  9. # Description:    Update Dyndns  
  10. # Short-Description: Update Dyndns  
  11. ### END INIT INFO  
  13. . /etc/rc.status  
  14. rc_reset  
  17. USER=””  
  18. PASS=””  
  19. DOMAIN=””  
  22. case “$1” in  
  23.      start)  
  24.           wget -O /dev/null http://$USER:$$DOMAIN$$DOMAIN  
  25.           rc_status -v  
  26.           ;;  
  27. esac  
  28. rc_exit  

The commands I executed in the video above:

  1. cd /etc/init.d/
  2. vi dyndns (paste script in here)
  3. chmod u+x dyndns
  4. chkconfig -a dyndns
  5. service service dyndns start
  6. sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/dyndns /etc/init.d/rc5.d/S99dyndns

Lastly, if you aren’t familiar with opening an SSH connection to your HANA Development Edition, the steps to do so are posted in this SCN post (refer to Step 5).

I hope you enjoy this video, and welcome any feedback or questions.

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Network of Truthi-ness

This Network of Truth topic is picking up steam with the push behind SAP Lumira.  We decide, instead of giving it runway, to turn it into a Hodgepodge of Truth.  You will hear what we mean.

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Play it now:

Jamie Oswald
Greg Myers
Eric Vallo Eric Vallo

Predictive Analysis in New Zealand

At the end of May 2013 I was in New Zealand delivering some BusinessObjects training for SAP.  As luck would have it, the New Zealand SAP Business Intelligence User Group was meeting the morning of my layover through Auckland – very timely!  Fellow Mentor Corey Adams let me know and I was able to deliver a presentation on Predictive Analysis.  I showed several walk-through videos during my presentation, and was asked to post them up on-line.

Even though it is 2 months on, here is a summary of my presentation and the walkthrough demonstrations of Predictive Analysis for your viewing pleasure.

As mentioned in the video, here are the Useful Links:

Live from SAPPHIRE on BI4

While at SAPPHIRE we had a great opportunity to sit down with Kurt Bilafer and Alex Andrenacci, who are both in town from Singapore, to sit down and discuss the BI4 roadmap in general and how it is going in APJ.

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Kurt Bilafer
Alex Andrenacci
Jamie Oswald
Greg Myers
Eric Vallo Eric Vallo
Clint Vosloo