Sapphire 2016 – Jayne Landry and the new BusinessObjects naming convergence

Jamie and Clint got to spend some time with Jayne within her jam packed schedule at Sapphire 2016 in Orlando.

They got to speak about the latest convergence of all the SAP Analytics tools under the SAP BusinessObjects banner as well as other new and exciting news.

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Into 2015 – Is Design Studio the Dashboard Slayer?

Ahmed Sherif and Mike Howles join hosts Jamie Oswald and Eric Vallo to revisit a topic on all our minds. Is SAP Design Studio ready to unseat SAP Dashboards? Or has it already?

We’re humbled that Mustafa Bensan mentioned our podcast in the Design Studio Innovation Series on the SAP Community network.

I found it to be a very informative and timely discussion with a balanced mix of opinions, which makes for a good follow-up and contrast to prior discussions on the topic.

BI Apps

We have touched only on the surface of BI Apps in the past, but today, we invite Donald and Ryan back to go deeper on the subject in this episode.  We talk about BI Apps, the history of Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards, and SAP Zen.

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Donald MacCormick Donald MacCormick
Ryan Goodman Ryan Goodman
Jamie Oswald Jamie Oswald
Eric Vallo Eric Vallo

Everything Zen

Ian Mayor, Solution Manager of the upcoming SAP Zen, joins us to talk more about the distinction between SAP Dashboards and what is coming in SAP Zen.  Ian shares more on how SAP Zen will fit into the SAP BusinessObjeccts landscape.  Thanks for not calling it SAP Analysis Edition for Application Design something something.

In related news: we clearly need a community news correspondent.  Now accepting applications.

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