SBOUC 2013 Live from the ASUG News Studio

Our pals over at ASUG News were kind enough to share the stage with us, once again during the event happy hour (don’t judge us), to continue our panel discussion on the Network of Truthi-ness . This panel is a continuation of our episode a few months back.

We had a blast and definitely hope to be back next year.

Oh, and hey, the sweat bands are a hot item.  You can still get them by showing us what an adoring fan you are or something.

SBOUC and SAP TechEd

There is a lot of debate on the question of putting SBOUC in the same venue as SAP TechEd in the US.  It’s a conversation that weighs heavy on many.  SAP Mentor Derek Deloranca joins regulars Eric Vallo, Greg Myers, Jamie Oswald and Dallas Marks. We do our best here to tackle the tough topic and constructively think through ways we can make it work.

Before we get to the goods, we’d love you to listen in and then vote here.  The more the merrier.

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ASUG SBOUC 2013 Wrap Up

The 2013 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC) comes to a close.  We will keep it brief (haha).

Deski All-stars

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SBOUC Dev Wars 2013

Jamie Oswald and Greg Myers took a few minutes to discuss the upcoming Developer Wars competition at the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference. Joined by ASUG’s Kimberly Haschalk and GABO Cigar‘s Gabe Orthous, the conversation went from what happened last year to why you should sign up this year (here’s the link).

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DSLayer Tweetup at SBOUC 2012

A few short months ago we had the tremendous opportunity to talk on stage at the ASUG News Studio during the 2012 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference (SBOUC).  It was awesome.

ASUG News was kind enough to share that video with us.  We’ve dumped it on to our channel for your viewing glory.

Donald MacCormick

This is really it.  The last of the post-SBOUC mess up episodes.  Donald MacCormick was a great sport about messing up his episode at the conference, but came through for a 2nd go at it with a great discussion.

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