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In between kitten cuddles, a part time job at The GAP, and sending questionable Snapchat pics to Jaime, Steve Lucas was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his hiatus to talk about life after SAP, the road ahead, and Troy Aikman’s giant hands. We don’t know precisely where he’s going, but we can only hope it really will be in our back yard still. Thanks for everything, Steve.

#askSAP Community Call with Greg Myers: SAP BusinessObjects BI Strategy and Roadmap

Last September, I moderated an #askSAP Community Call on the SAP BusinessObjects BI Strategy and Roadmap. Nick Smith published a recap today on the SAP Analytics blog. Listen to the original recording as Steve Lucas, Jayne Landry, Ty Miller, and Blair Wheadon discuss the future of SAP business intelligence.

You can read my thoughts about the call on the EV Technologies blog in an article entitled The Times They Are a Changin’.

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Jamie Oswald’s Reaction to Steve Lucas Keynote at ASUG SABOUC 2014

Jamie Oswald gave his reaction immediately following Steve Lucas‘ keynote at the ASUG SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects User Conference in Fort Worth, Texas last month.

Already off-brand in my second sentence. Steve, beyond bringing charisma, did a great job expressing the pain of what SAP BusinessObjects and/or SAP Analytics customers are going through at their businesses. A first step we should all be looking at is to get on the most recent major version of the platform, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence  4.1. This allows customers to take advantage of the innovation that is there and prepares them to receive more frequent updates of that some innovation going forward.

Here’s Steve’s Keynote.

And click here to get Dallas Marks’ preaction to the keynote.

Why Should I Care About SAP BW?

SAP BusinessObjects customers spend a career focused on relational sources.  It is what they know. We talk to fellow SAP Mentors John Appleby and Ethan Jewett about where SAP BW could fit into the family.  And, with Steve Lucas FTW!

Steve joins us at the 9:30-ish mark, so stick with us.

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Play it now:

Ethan Jewett Ethan Jewett
John Appleby John Appleby
Steve Lucas Steve Lucas
Greg Myers Greg Myers
Jamie Oswald Jamie Oswald
Eric Vallo Eric Vallo

Steve Lucas

Jamie Oswald had an opportunity to sit down in a room with a small group for an interview with Steve Lucas of SAP. We can always count on Jamie to ask the great questions. Listen in and follow the show notes from Jamie:

00:00 – Realistically, what can we put in the cloud?
6:42 – Will SAP have to change their base code in order truly innovate? Also, Deski needs to die.
10:38 – Steven Johannes (of CRM Tiger fame) asks how to speed adoption of innovation, and lobs Steve Lucas a meatball that allows him to talk about HANA.
15:00 – Should we move our business processes into our business intelligence? Note: This is where Steve’s eyes REALLY start to light up.
18:58 – A Like button in BI 4.1? You heard it on DSLayer first!

Much thanks to Steve and event team from SAP who were a dream to work with, and of course, check out my Snap Judgment from the day of the event.

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