Steve Lucas

Jamie Oswald had an opportunity to sit down in a room with a small group for an interview with Steve Lucas of SAP. We can always count on Jamie to ask the great questions. Listen in and follow the show notes from Jamie:

00:00 – Realistically, what can we put in the cloud?
6:42 – Will SAP have to change their base code in order truly innovate? Also, Deski needs to die.
10:38 – Steven Johannes (of CRM Tiger fame) asks how to speed adoption of innovation, and lobs Steve Lucas a meatball that allows him to talk about HANA.
15:00 – Should we move our business processes into our business intelligence? Note: This is where Steve’s eyes REALLY start to light up.
18:58 – A Like button in BI 4.1? You heard it on DSLayer first!

Much thanks to Steve and event team from SAP who were a dream to work with, and of course, check out my Snap Judgment from the day of the event.

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