The State of BICCs

The Diversified Semantic Layer team catch up with old friends Timo Elliott and Derek Loranca, and are joined by Bonnie Brown for her first podcast, to riff on where BI Competency Centers are headed. Hear about good and bad experiences from the  frontline, and how you can be successful in your BICC team.

Timo Elliott @ SAP Insider BI 2014 Singapore

Somehow, once lost in the abyss of the interwebs, we’ve found an episode recorded last October with none other than Timo Elliott.

In this episode, Clint Vosloo sat down with Timo at SAP Insider in Singapore. They caught up around all thing’s Timo and got deep into the whole Big Data debate as well as all things SAP Analytics.

You will also hear it here first that Timo has a #selfiepole and what he wants (rather, wanted) from Father Christmas. 

SAP Insider BI2013 Singapore Recap

Belatedly we wrap up the SAP Insider BI2013 conference that was held in Singapore earlier in September 2013.

BI2013 Singapore Social Media Lounge

Joining Josh Fletcher and Clint Vosloo are two guests, Timo Elliott from SAP France and Lestor Meadows from Kimberly-Clark, who both spoke at the conference alongside us.

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Timo Elliott is Back

One of two failed recordings from SBOUC included Timo Elliott.  He was kind enough to join us for a second episode of UGeeks to freshen the discussion on the state of BI.

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Timo Elliott

Josh Fletcher gets an opportunity to chat with none other than Timo Elliott of SAP.  Timo is a long time BusinessObjects employee and evangelist.

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