Universe Design Hacks

Dave Rathbun and Derek Loranca join us again to talk about ways we like to use and abuse universes. Dave shared a few helpful blogs he wrote that talk about some of the topics shared here. We’ll follow them up with more podcasts soon.

Time Sliced Measures Part 1 – Defining the Problem

Time Sliced Measures Part 2 – Time Slice Calendar Table

Time Sliced Measures Part 3 – Making Measures

SQL Aggregate vs. Universe Projection

SAP BusinessObjects BI4 End-to-end Demo Part 1

In this video Josh Fletcher walks through part 1 of a BI4 end-to-end demo that he recently presented at the Mastering Business Intelligence with SAP South Africa conference. He shows how to create a simple universe in the Information Design Tool, a simple Web Intelligence report, and finishes up with a simple Crystal Report.


BI4 – Looking at the Semantic Layer

In celebration of the Virtual Launch of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 (BI4) today, the Diversified Semantic Layer crew is releasing our most recent episode, recorded with Michael Welter.

In this episode, we give the new common semantic layer and Information Design Tool a good shake down.

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