Universe Design Hacks

Dave Rathbun and Derek Loranca join us again to talk about ways we like to use and abuse universes. Dave shared a few helpful blogs he wrote that talk about some of the topics shared here. We’ll follow them up with more podcasts soon.

Time Sliced Measures Part 1 – Defining the Problem

Time Sliced Measures Part 2 – Time Slice Calendar Table

Time Sliced Measures Part 3 – Making Measures

SQL Aggregate vs. Universe Projection

The Universe Dreams are Made of

Weeeeee’re Baaaaaaaack.  While you may be wondering how no one noticed that we were actually off the air a bit, we forgive you.  We are quite excited to be back on the recording deck to punch out a long awaited episode.  In this show, the gang all takes a swag with our guest Ethan Jewett and telling SAP just what we’d love to see in a single semantic layer for SAP BI.

You may be wondering what that echo is during part of the recording.  It was an unusual show with Eric hanging out with Greg in Philly and Josh bringing “down under stereo” to the show.

To that point, when you do hit that part about the tweet up, don’t tell our moms, but do comment on whether you’d like to tweetup again at SAPPHIRE.

Enjoy the show, we did.

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Jamie Oswald
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