The Good, the Bad, and the Deski

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Episode 1 – The Good, the Bad, and the Deski

The Diversified Semantic Layer team is introduced (sorry we missed you Chris). This is our first swag at a podcast, so be gentle. It’s really one of those things where on listening again, you realize all the things you totally forgot to say.

You can get the podcast by subscribing to our RSS at, or check iTunes REALLY soon…or…get “The Good, the Bad, and the Deski“.

Big plug for the Reportapalooza event (I dare you to say that five times really fast). Don’t miss out on all the cool events coming up as we try and stump the experts.

The topics for today’s podcast:

  • XI 4 Beta really doesn’t have Desktop Intelligence
  • Big reasons people are still using Desktop Intelligence
  • Reasons why Crystal Reports isn’t really a good transition for super users
  • Web Intelligence…what is missing/what do we expect next?


We mentioned bursting and Web Intelligence. Yes, we can absolutely burst Web Intelligence today with both Publications and the “Schedule For” option via the CMC. We just didn’t get back to it.

We mentioned a prior blog article on scheduling replacement code for all those VBA macros on the EV Technologies blog.

Play it now:

Author: Eric Vallo

Eric Vallo has been working in business intelligence for almost 15 years. Eric is an SAP Mentor 2011, co-host of the Diversified Semantic Layer Podcast Network, and is managing partner and co-founder of EV Technologies, Inc., an SAP Gold Partner based in the US and Australia.

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