The State of the Very Large Database

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We have all heard of this thing called SAP HANA.  Tonight, we break down what we understand about it and what it means to SAP BusinessObjects type folks.

For this particular podcast we tried to give you the high-level HANA information, and as such we spoke with all of the authority of people who have never actually touched the product (well, Derek Loranca touched it, but we can’t discuss it while the litigation is still pending). For those of you who need more clear-cut answers because you will actually be jumping to it soon, we’d like to recommend Jon Reed’s podcast and John Appleby’s FAQ.

Also, for those of you wondering about the Smokey the BIAR visual, we’ve got you covered.

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Author: Eric Vallo

Eric Vallo has been working in business intelligence for almost 15 years. Eric is an SAP Mentor 2011, co-host of the Diversified Semantic Layer Podcast Network, and is managing partner and co-founder of EV Technologies, Inc., an SAP Gold Partner based in the US and Australia.

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